OR Legislature Considers Law with Heavier Fines for Drivers

The Oregon Legislature’s Senate Judiciary Committee plans to begin hearings this week concerning a bill that would treat Oregon motorists caught texting or talking on cell phones while driving similar to those convicted of drunk driving. The new legislature, introduced by Democratic Senate President Peter Courtney is aimed at forcing motorists to take the existing […]

Front-End Car Accidents Often Result in Lower Body Injuries

In its 2012 Crash Report, the Oregon Department of Transportation reported 539 head-on car crashes in 2011, half of which resulted in injuries (44 deaths and 78 major injuries). While all auto accident victims are at risk for every kind of injury from whiplash to traumatic brain injury, front-end collisions have some common injuries that […]

Filing an Oregon Accident Report

As any Oregon injury lawyer can tell you, car accidents happen fast and they happen often.  And no person is exempt from a car crash.  In fact, it’s believed that one in four motorists will be involved in a car crash at some point while driving during their lifetimes.  It doesn’t matter whether you’re a […]

Motorcycle Accident Statistics and Safety Tips

Over the last several years, many Portland motorcycle accident attorneys have become very familiar with new laws that the State of Oregon has instituted in order to keep motorcyclists more safe on the roadways.  These new laws and regulations are important, even if the most die-hard of motorcycle enthusiasts find them to be a nuisance […]

Automobile Accident Attorneys and the Attorney-Client Relationship

One of the most misunderstood relationships in professional service today is the special relationship that is formed between a client and attorney, often simply called the attorney-client relationship.  Regardless of the kind of attorney you work with, this relationship still exists.  This is true whether you are working with private attorneys and even automobile accident […]

Wrongful Death Law Firms Can Protect Your Rights

Wrongful Death Law Firms Can Protect Your Rights

Getting the Help that You Need for Your Wrongful Death Claim If you have lost a loved one in a wrongful death accident, wrongful death law firms can assist you with getting the help that you need to hold the responsible party accountable.  Regardless of whom you have lost, a parent, a child, a spouse, […]

Personal Injury Client Interview Questions

If you are considering filing a personal injury claim, then you are no doubt considering speaking with a variety of different personal injury attorneys who could possibly represent you in your claim.  There are several things that you can expect from speaking with a personal injury attorney, including being asked a variety of questions about […]

Current Accident Statistics from a Portland Traffic Accident Lawyer

While it has become apparent that over time the number of accidents on America’s roadways is decreasing, there are still an exorbitant amount of road traffic accidents taking place on the highways and byways stretching across the country.  In reality there are, on average, somewhere upwards of six million vehicle accidents on the roads of […]