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Oregon Child Safety Laws for Car Seats

Every state has its own set of laws. And while the Oregon child safety laws are similar to others in the U.S. either, they do have their differences. Following these safety laws will ultimately lead to much safer situations when a child is in a driving situation. Let’s take a look at how to properly keep a child safe when driving a vehicle.

Car Seat Laws

As of January 1st, 2012, new Oregon child safety laws came into effect which said that children must be restrained while keeping the following guidelines in mind:

  • Approved Safety Seats: Each child must be in a safety states that have been approved by the state.
  • Weight: A child must continue to be restrained in a safety seat until he or she is forty pounds or over.

Keep in mind, children who are forty pounds or over must graduate to a booster seat if they haven’t reach 4’9” or the age of 8. Booster seats don’t need to be utilized if the rear seats of a vehicle only have lap belts. In this case, under Oregon child safety laws, the child would need to be restrained by the lap belts.

Safety Belt Laws

For any child who is 8 years of age or 4’9” or taller, he or she must be wearing a safety belt when the vehicle is operational. The child needs to be secured across the thighs and positioned over the collarbone for maximum safety. Failing to follow these guidelines would result in no following the Oregon child safety laws.

Pickup Truck Laws

The Oregon child safety laws also have regulations when it comes to pickup trucks and their beds. For one, no child who is under 18 years old is allowed to ride in the bed of a pickup truck. If for whatever reason this happens and the individual is caught, the driver will have to pay a $242.00 fine. This law is designed to keep the child safe by not allowing them to ride in the most dangerous part of the truck.

Other Considerations

Why are these laws in place? Well, the Oregon child safety laws were designed to keep children safe in all driving situations. These laws basically dictate how the child is supposed to be restrained once the vehicle has gone operational. Failing to comply with these laws can result in a few things including having your license revoked, paying a fine, or doing both of these and then going to jail.


Safety laws for children in Oregon basically state that a child must remain in a verified restrainer until they reach 40 pounds. Once this time arrives, they need to continue sitting in a booster chair until they either reach the age of 8 or reach the height of 4’9”. And finally, Oregon child safety laws require that any children under the age of 18 are now allowed to sit in the back of a pickup truck.