Traumatic Brain Injury Symptoms Can Persist for Years

We’ve all heard the expression that’s used when a football player takes a blow to the head and appears shaken up on the field. Commentators virtually make light of the situation by saying, “He got his bell rung,” which gives the definite impression that if the player goes to the sidelines for a few plays, […]

Is Driver Fatigue Leading to More Commercial Truck Accidents?

We see them on Oregon interstate highways every day, hauling goods across the state on their way to destinations near and far. These mammoths of the motorway are hard to miss, given a starting weight of at least 10,000 pounds and with many running to several multiples of that figure. How would you feel, then, […]

Oregon Skateboarding Laws: The Basics

Skateboarding was once considered a fad, a momentary craze; something that would fade out as fast as cork-soled clogs and the beehive hairdo. It would now seem, however, that skateboarding is here to stay.  It is heavily featured in extreme sports competitions worldwide, and in Oregon, moving around on a thin wooden board with four […]

Fatal Traffic Accidents Increase, NHTSA Guesses Why

The year 2011 saw the fewest road traffic fatalities in America in more than 60 years. The last time the number of people killed in U.S. road accidents was as low as last year came in 1949. While officials responsible for road safety, including the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) were still congratulating themselves […]

Recent Car Recalls that May Surprise You

While Toyota has experienced well-publicized difficulties with millions of cars being recalled over the past few years, the motoring public generally thinks of cars from Eastern Europe or Korea when they hear that a new flaw in a vehicle’s safety systems means they have to be taken back to the dealer for a (hopefully) quick […]

Asbestos Lawsuits – Your Legal Rights

Asbestos Lawsuits – Your Legal Rights

Asbestos lawsuits have been ongoing for many years now, yet many people are still confused as to their legal rights in such cases and what will happen should they decide to pursue a claim in court. The truth is, there are no fixed or definite answers, because virtually every case is different. Many asbestos lawsuits, […]

New Study Uses Hormone Therapy as Brain Injury Treatment

Oregon traffic accidents, whether they involve cars, trucks, motorcycles or bicyclists, can and do cause an almost unlimited variety of injuries. People suffer broken bones, whiplash, soft tissue injuries, disfiguring scars…the list is endless, but perhaps no accident is as cruel and life-changing as one involving a traumatic injury to the brain. Up till now, […]

Bicycles: Good for Your Health…as Long as You Wear a Helmet

Portland has frequently been named as the most bicycle friendly city in America, and the number of people using two non-motorized wheels to get around town is increasing every year. The benefits in terms of health, a positive impact on the environment and a reduction in the impact of skyrocketing gasoline prices are not to […]