Oregon Car Wreck Attorney Discusses Common Crash Causes

If you’re a car driver and are on the road a fairly average amount of time, there’s at least a 25 percent chance that you’ve been involved in a car accident within the last five years. Yes, that’s right. As a driver, there’s a one in four chance that you’ll be involved in some sort […]

Paying Medical Bills After Injury from Car Accident

You have been involved in a car accident and now you have an injury from a car accident.  You have to go to hospital and seek medical treatment, but you‘re not sure how you’re going to pay for it or who is responsible for paying for it.  Is it your health insurance?  Is it the […]

Portland Car Collision Attorney Talks about Accidents

While accidents tend to be quite common in our society, not a lot of people understand what they should actually do once they’re in one. Aside from the fact that you should get a Portland car collision attorney, there are a few other things that you’ll want to do right after an accident. Let’s take […]

Diagnosing Post-Accident Brain Damage

Car accidents are scary.  Motorcycle accidents are horrendous.  And workplace accidents are some of the most shocking.  While any accident is particularly disturbing and especially jarring for the parties involved, the scariest thing that can happen when someone is involved in an accident is that someone suffers a traumatic brain injury and therefore suffers from […]

Post-Concussion Syndrome After a Car Accident

Whenever you are involved in a car accident, you are at risk for a variety of injuries.  While some of the injuries may be visible immediately, such as burns, bruises, cuts, and possibly even broken bones, some other injuries may not be so visible.  A couple of examples of injuries that would fall into this […]

The Average Settlement for a Back Injury

The average settlement figure for back injuries will vary GREATLY depending upon the type of injury caused. According to one study, 16% of the verdicts in spinal disc injury lawsuits exceed $1 million and 7% exceed $2.5 million. As a result, such spinal injuries are typically associated with very high settlement figures, and such cases […]

Head Injuries in the Elderly More Dangerous at Weekend

Head Injuries in the Elderly More Dangerous at Weekend

Let’s be honest. There’s never a good time to take a bang to the head. However, a new study gives a clear indication that some days are better than others for getting a knock to the noggin. Or more to the point, some days are much worse! Researchers from Johns Hopkins have just released details […]