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Tips to Avoiding Construction Zone Car Accidents

Distracted drivers are responsible for more than a dozen deaths on American roads every day, and Portland personal injury attorneys have noted that construction zone car accidents are especially perilous places for drivers to be taking on cell phones or worse, texting. The prevention of construction zone car accidents is purely dependent on drivers being… read more

Portland Toxic Chemical Injury Attorneys and Claims

It may come as something of a surprise to many people, but Oregon employees working with toxic chemicals have been proven to be working with unacceptable risks for many years. Portland personal injury attorneys have frequently been called upon to represent people who have been seriously affected by an unacceptable level of toxic risks that… read more

Employer’s Negligence Responsible for Injuries

Accidents at work account for hundreds of serious injuries in Oregon every year. Portland negligence lawyers are often asked the tricky question, “Who’s to blame?” Is it the employee for not operating his equipment properly, for not securing his ladder or for not wearing the appropriate personal protection equipment, or is it the employer for… read more

Is My Case Personal Injury or Workers’ Comp?

All you know is that you’ve been injured, and it wasn’t your fault. You probably don’t care about the differences between Workers Compensation laws and personal injury laws. You just don’t want to have to pay the doctor’s bills and cover the lost income from missed work yourself. However, there are in fact great differences… read more

More Injuries On the Job Among the Elderly

Americans are faced with an aging population as the baby boomers are maturing into their senior years. In the past, at this stage of life, people retired and began to take time for themselves. With the housing and stock market downturns, however, many seniors have lost their retirement savings and are faced with the necessity… read more