Taking Your Case to Trial with Portland Trucking Attorneys

Taking Your Case to Trial with Portland Trucking Attorneys

For those individuals involved in a truck accident, their biggest concern, aside from their own well-being, is ensuring that they are properly compensated for the damages incurred by them in the accident.  This means being able to take care of the families if their injuries keep them from work, being able to repair any damages […]

Portland Semi-Truck Accident Claims are Complicated

As a victim of a semi-truck accident in Portland, you may be surprised to learn that you are now part of a growing statistic in the United States today.  It will be extremely vital for you to understand what the possibilities are when it comes to obtaining a settlement for your claim.  You have sustained […]

Importance of Hiring a Portland Truck Accident Injury Lawyer

When you’ve been involved in a truck accident, there is a strong likelihood that your vehicle has sustained major damage and you, yourself, may have been injured in the collision.  Truck accidents are some of the worst accidents that can occur on the road, typically due to the impact that is caused by such large […]

Portland Car Collision Attorney Talks about Accidents

While accidents tend to be quite common in our society, not a lot of people understand what they should actually do once they’re in one. Aside from the fact that you should get a Portland car collision attorney, there are a few other things that you’ll want to do right after an accident. Let’s take […]

Is Driver Fatigue Leading to More Commercial Truck Accidents?

We see them on Oregon interstate highways every day, hauling goods across the state on their way to destinations near and far. These mammoths of the motorway are hard to miss, given a starting weight of at least 10,000 pounds and with many running to several multiples of that figure. How would you feel, then, […]

New FMCSA Medical Examiners Final Rule will Certify Examiners

A new FMCSA medical examiners rule is an important step in helping to improve road safety. The new regulations will be a big change from existing legislation that allow any medical examiner licensed by the state to perform health exams on all interstate commercial truck drivers. By June 1, the new Federal Motor Carrier Safety […]

US DOT ‘Hours of Service’ Rule Prevents Truck Accidents

Virtually every product manufactured in the United States is transported by a truck at some stage. Trucks are an important cog in the country’s economic wheel. Portland truck accident lawyers know that trucks are also, simply because of their sheer size and weight, very dangerous objects and especially when the driver is tired. A 2006 […]

Work-Related Calls No Longer Allowed on the Roads

Oregon legislators have moved to close loopholes in previous laws that allowed motorists to use cell phones for work purposes while driving. In May, 2011, HB3186 was passed by a vote of 39 to 17, now making it illegal for all drivers on Oregon roads to use cell phones unless they are summoning emergency help, […]