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67-Year-Old Man, Trapped Under the Dashboard of His Wrecked Vehicle, Appears to Be Okay With little to go on except a neighborhood resident explaining that GPS directions in his location sometimes misdirect people, police in Lake City are still wondering how a 67-year-old man wrecked his car, became stuck under the dashboard, and spent the […]

Wrong-Way Vehicle Accidents Can Cause the Most Serious Injuries

Every couple of days a new report of a wrong-way driving accident hits the news. Almost epidemic in some states, wrong-way motor vehicle accidents account for approximately 350 highway deaths in the US each year. According to the Federal Highway Administration, wrong way driving has been an ongoing problem since the beginning of the interstate […]

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Oregon 6, a High Priority Safety Problem, Is Once Again the Scene of a Serious Single-Vehicle Accident A stretch of Oregon 6, recently identified by the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) as a trouble spot for crashes, claimed its most recent victim March 5th when a Vancouver man drove his 2002 Ford Explorer off the […]

Oregon Legislature Considers Harsher Penalties for Hit-and-Run Drivers

Oregon Legislature Considers Harsher Penalties for Hit-and-Run Drivers

With the Oregon legislature considering a bill to make penalties harsher for those convicted of injury hit-and-run collisions, pedestrian and bicycle groups are hoping for a decrease in hit and run injuries throughout Oregon. House Bill 2542 would force a driver convicted of serious injury hit-and-run to forfeit his or her driver’s license for three […]

Supreme Court to Decide on Medical Liens

Imagine this scenario.  You have been seriously injured in an accident that was caused by the negligence of another person.  You were so injured that you were no longer able to work, your body has been changed drastically, and you will be considered physically disabled for the rest of your life. You hire an attorney […]

Motorcycle Accident Statistics and Safety Tips

Over the last several years, many Portland motorcycle accident attorneys have become very familiar with new laws that the State of Oregon has instituted in order to keep motorcyclists more safe on the roadways.  These new laws and regulations are important, even if the most die-hard of motorcycle enthusiasts find them to be a nuisance […]

Automobile Accident Attorneys and the Attorney-Client Relationship

One of the most misunderstood relationships in professional service today is the special relationship that is formed between a client and attorney, often simply called the attorney-client relationship.  Regardless of the kind of attorney you work with, this relationship still exists.  This is true whether you are working with private attorneys and even automobile accident […]