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Motorcycle Accident Statistics and Safety Tips

Over the last several years, many Portland motorcycle accident attorneys have become very familiar with new laws that the State of Oregon has instituted in order to keep motorcyclists more safe on the roadways.  These new laws and regulations are important, even if the most die-hard of motorcycle enthusiasts find them to be a nuisance or a hindrance.  They are vitally important, in fact, because many Oregon residents have lost their lives in senseless in motorcycle accidents across the state.

If you think that motorcycle accidents aren’t a common occurrence, you may want to consider these facts regarding motorcycle accidents in 2007 and 2008 alone:

  • In 2008, some 873 road collisions involved motorcycles in the state.  In these 873 accidents, 834 people were injured and 49 lost their lives.  Of those 49 people killed, 48 of them were the motorcyclists themselves.
  • Between 2007 and 2008, the number of crashed involving motorcyclists increased from 746 to 873.
  • All across the country, motorcycle accidents that involve serious injury and deaths are on the rise.  The State of Oregon, alone, has seen the number of crashes nearly double from 443 crashes in 2002 to 873 crashes in 2008.

This is just a small sampling of the data available regarding motorcycle accidents in the state, and they are the reason that Oregon lawmakers have taken serious steps in recent years in order to ensure that these statistics are no longer as shocking.  For example, lawmakers have taken steps to increase the penalty to motorcyclists for riding without endorsement.  This means that if you ride your motorcycle without an endorsement, you will face a Class A Violations with a $720 fine.  If you need more information regarding where and how to receive a motorcycle endorsement, you can visit the Oregon DMV website.

Oregon lawmakers have also set requirements for proper training for motorcyclists.  This means that all riders have to complete an ODOT-approved motorcycle safety training course.  Motorcycle safety is perhaps of the greatest help in combating increased motorcycle accidents.  During a training course, motorcyclists are taught a variety of important safety tips and practices that may ultimately save their lives.

In addition to the safety course required by the State of Oregon, there are a wide array of resources on motorcycle safety available to motorists.  For example, Allstate provides motorcyclists with a great deal of motorcycle safety tips and information on their website.

In the valuable information located here, Allstate recommends that all riders adequately prepare for the riding season by:

  • Testing the functionality of all lights, turn signals, and brakes.
  • Checking their fluid levels including oil and fuel.
  • Making sure that their mirrors are positioned for optimum visibility.
  • Investing in quality gear, such as helmets and goggles that fit well and leather jackets and pants that will provide the kind of barrier that may mean the difference between injury and non-injury.

In the end, never take it for granted that everything will be alright when you head out on the road to ride.  Take the proper precautions, get the training required by the state, and always be on the lookout as your enjoy your ride.