How Much Money is My Personal Injury Case Worth?

If you’re considering filing a claim with an insurance company because you’ve been hurt (personal injury lawsuit) you’re probably wondering how much your case is worth.  Our civil justice system awards money (damages) to the person injured by making the party responsible for the injury (or their insurance company) pay the injured person for the […]

The 7 Most Common Motorcycle Accidents & How to Avoid Them

Reduce your odds of getting into a motorcycle crash with these tips.  The more educated you are about motorcycle safety, the lower the chance of being injured or killed. Safety gear is helpful but doesn’’t necessarily prevent injury in a crash.  Below is a list of seven common accidents and how you can prevent them. […]

The Dangers of Tired Drivers

  One of the most dangerous drivers on the road isn’t the aggressive driver or even the distracted driver. One of the most dangerous drivers on the road is the tired driver. About 17% of road fatalities have been attributed to a tired driver, but little is done to keep people aware of the dangers […]

East Portland Plans to Add 18 Pedestrian Beacons

As the new school year begins, officials gathered at Southeast 113th and Stark Street for the new installation of pedestrian flashing beacons at five busy Portland intersections. These five are the first of 18 new beacons to be installed for a $1.9 million project to address pedestrian safety in East Portland. When a pedestrian pushes […]

Back-to-School Safety Tips

September is here and that means time for the kids to start a new school year. Many parents have no idea what protections exist to keep kids safe during the school year. It is important for families to protect against any possible emergencies. More than half of families in the US with kids in school […]

Is Your Childs' Car Seat Safe Enough?

For many new parents, the task of getting a car seat can be a bit intimidating. Every year, thousands of deaths and serious injuries are prevented by car seats, so it’s important to find the right one, based on the child’s age, size and vehicle type. For a quick idea of what seat a child […]

Portland Makes The List of Top Bike Friendly Cities

10 Best Bike Friendly cities in the US   The cycling communities numbers have increased over the past few years.  Many cities across the country are responding by making roads safer for cyclists and creating new paths and trails.  Below is a list of the top cities with a passion for pedaling. Austin, TX – […]

Do I Need a Portland Personal Injury Lawyer?

It’s a universal dilemma, and one that thousands of Oregon motorists have asked themselves after being injured because of another road user’s negligence: “Do I really need a Portland personal injury lawyer to look after my claim?” What kind of answer would you expect to receive on an injury attorney’s blog? Well, it may shock […]