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Category: Drunk Driving and DUI

Drunk Driver Flees Police, Crashes into Building

Date: May 6, 2010 Location: 4625 Silverton Road, Salem, Oregon Names: Justin Kliewer A drunk driver tried to outrun police, but lost control of the pickup he was driving and crashed into a storage building, then ran from the scene of the crash. Police caught up with Justin Kliewer, 25, of Salem and took him… read more

Father Cited in Drunk Driving Crash that Killed Son

Date: April 3, 2010 Location: Highway 95 near Jordan Valley, Oregon Names: Gerado Martinez, Ana Maria Martinez, Julio Aquino, Julitca Martinez, Rigoberto Martinez-Perez, [Unknown] A father has been cited for driving under the influence of alcohol, and may face additional charges, after an April 3, 2010 crash killed his 9-year-old son and injured five others,… read more

Drunk Driving Suspected in Crash

Date: March 28, 2010 Location: Highway 62 near Prospect, Oregon Names: Russell Schultz A 43-year-old Prospect, Oregon, man died March 28, 2010, in a single-vehicle crash, and Oregon State Police said in a press release that evidence at the scene indicates alcohol was a factor. The crash happened around 1:40 AM, as a pickup truck… read more

Drunk Driver Kills One, Injures Four

Date: March 22, 2010 Location: Highway 221 near Michigan City NW, Salem, Oregon Names: Alan J. Olson, Carleen Chenowith, Kamie Chenowith, Andrea Chenowith, Hannah Chenowith, David Don Pallett Police took a drunk driver into custody on multiple charges March 22, 2010, after a three-vehicle crash killed one person and injured four, according to an Oregon… read more

Underage Drunk Driver Causes Head-On Crash

Date: January 17, 2010 Location: Highway 126E near Vida, Oregon Names: Candace Lee Chitty, Jacob A. Curtis Candace Lee Chitty, 63, of Eugene, Oregon, was seriously injured in a head-on crash after a car driven by Jacob A. Curtis, 19, of Eugene, crossed the center line and hit another car on Highway 126E near Vida,… read more

Drunk and Drugged Driving Prevention

Date: November 30, 2009 Forget the “three R’s.” This year, it’s all about the three D’s. By presidential proclamation, December is National Drunk and Drugged Driving Prevention, or 3D, Month. Every U.S. president since Ronald Reagan has affirmed his commitment to stop drunk driving with this annual observance.

Drunk Driving. Over the Limit. Under Arrest.

Kuik.com reports that this weekend starts “Drunk Driving. Over the limit. Under Arrest.”, an event organized by the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). In conjunction with the nation-wide effort, the Oregon Governors Advisory Committee on DUII, the Oregon State Police, the Oregon Association of Chiefs of Police, the Oregon State… read more