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Drunk Driver Flees Police, Crashes into Building

Date: May 6, 2010
Location: 4625 Silverton Road, Salem, Oregon
Names: Justin Kliewer

A drunk driver tried to outrun police, but lost control of the pickup he was driving and crashed into a storage building, then ran from the scene of the crash. Police caught up with Justin Kliewer, 25, of Salem and took him to Marion County Jail on multiple charges.

Around 1:20 AM on May 6, 2010, OSP Trooper Joseph Skipper saw a white pickup in the area of Lancaster and Silverton Road. The pickup was not staying in its lane and ignored a traffic control device. Skipper tried to pull the truck over, but the Kliewer sped away, heading east on Silverton Road at speeds up to 60 MPH.

As Kliewer tried to turn north onto 47th Street, he lost control and the pickup crashed into a storage building at 4625 Silverton Road.

Skipper pulled in behind the pickup, but Kliewer backed his truck into the patrol car, then got out and started running. Skipper caught him and arrested him on charges including:

  • Felony Attempt to Elude in a Vehicle
  • Misdemeanor Attempt to Elude on Foot
  • Unlawful Possession and Distribution of Cocaine
  • DUI
  • Criminal Mischief in the First Degree (3 counts)
  • Reckless Driving
  • Recklessly Endangering Another Person

There was also a small amount of cocaine in the pickup.

The Salem car crash caused over $1,000 damage to the patrol car, a Qwest utility box, and the storage building.

This automobile collision in Oregon was senseless and outrageous. There is no excuse for drinking and using cocaine while driving. On top of it, running from the police is not just stupid, it’s criminal. We are just glad no one got hurt, because this driver was putting everyone on the road at risk.

When someone makes the decision to drink or use drugs and drive, they’re taking lives in their hands. Kliewer is lucky he was not killed or crippled. And there were many others on the road that day who probably don’t even know how close they came to a possible tragedy.

We encourage people to educate themselves on the law of drunk driving in Oregon, and we provide free information to help you settle your lawsuit without an attorney. But when a drunk driver is involved, the law becomes very tricky, and you should contact an experienced Portland injury attorney.