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Recent Notable Personal Injury Settlements May 2012

 Being involved in a serious accident can be a frightening and traumatic experience. If you’re injured in the accident, it’s even worse. Recent notable personal injury settlements also show that when that accident is not your fault, you should not be expected to bear medical expenses, lost income and the cost of ongoing treatment, and… read more

Drunk Driving Crack Down in Portland

All traffic accidents are regrettable under any circumstances and even more so when someone gets injured. Thousands of Oregon drivers are unfortunate enough to be injured every year, and hundreds are killed in accidents that are caused by everything from poor road conditions and appalling weather to medical conditions or texting while driving. However, Portland… read more

How to Sue a Portland Bar for Serving a Drunk Driver

At a chemical and biological level, alcohol is a depressant. Many people are confused by this statement, because they often experience a “high” after they have been drinking and feel the effects. Alcohol provides this “high” because it has depressed those other parts of the brain that keep us in balance: the rational and logical… read more