Oregon Motorcyclists, Stop Your Friends from Riding Drunk

Oregon motorcyclists have the reputation, deserved or otherwise, for being a breed apart and occasionally, a law unto themselves. This is almost certainly unfair, as it’s safe to say motorists that use four wheels are equally as likely to violate Oregon’s road safety laws as those that go around the state on two. What it […]

Drowsy Driving as Dangerous as Drunk Driving, Experts Say

When you’re out on the road and see someone weaving dangerously between lanes for no reason whatever, or whose speed changes without warning or cause, what’s the first thing that comes into your mind? It would only be natural for you to think, “I’ll bet that driver has had a few too many tonight!” Here’s […]

Injury Compensation Cases Recently Settled

The Portland injury compensation lawyers at Shulman DuBois have been working hard make sure our clients get fair settlements after their accidents. Here are some recent settlements we’ve achieved: 1)   Y.S. was an avid bicycle rider who was unable to ride her bike for over two months after being hit by a car. She spent […]

Prevent Underage Drinking and Driving in Oregon

Without a doubt, drunk driving is a problem in Oregon, along with the rest of the country. And when you combine alcohol and motor vehicles, and then add an underage driver into the mix, you’ve got a real recipe for disaster. Now, the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) is looking for ways to prevent underage […]

Oregon Hit and Run Laws Need to Change

At the moment, Oregon hit and run laws provide an unintentional but obvious loophole that actually encourages drivers in certain situations to flee the scene, even if they intend to turn themselves in later on. However, that time lapse can be fatal for the injured person left behind. Why would anyone leave an injured person […]

Talking Urinal Cakes – To Stop Drunk Drivers?

“Is that person talking to me?” and “What is a woman doing in the men’s toilets?” are just two of the questions men who have had too much to drink may be asking around the country if a novel idea to deter people who have had too much to drink from getting behind the wheel […]

No Excuse for Any Underage Drunk Driving Accidents

No Excuse for Any Underage Drunk Driving Accidents

Statistics show that almost every accident on Oregon roads could have been prevented. While that fact alone gives pause for thought, it is certainly the case that there’s no excuse whatever for any underage drunk driving accident. Yet sadly, they continue to occur, though it must be said, the trends are encouraging, both in Oregon […]

Recent Notable Personal Injury Settlements May 2012

 Being involved in a serious accident can be a frightening and traumatic experience. If you’re injured in the accident, it’s even worse. Recent notable personal injury settlements also show that when that accident is not your fault, you should not be expected to bear medical expenses, lost income and the cost of ongoing treatment, and […]