Fall Conditions Driver Safety

October means a 15-20%  increase in accidents on the roads.  With the weather conditions changing, the first few rainy days make the roads extra slippery.  Oil on the road and falling leaves are important to watch out for.  Make sure to drive carefully to avoid accidents in these wet conditions.  

Safety Changes Coming to North Williams Avenue

  North Williams Avenue will be seeing new safety changes to make it more bike and pedestrian friendly.  Four-thousand bicyclists use it everyday along with 8,000 cars, trucks and buses. New changes include a much wider lane for just bikes on the left and one motor vehicle traffic lane on the right. Bicyclists agree it […]

How to Choose the Right Witness for Your Accident Claim

How to Choose the Right Witness for Your Accident Claim

Having the right witness can make or break your accident claim.  The presence of third party witnesses and their credibility is crucial to your claim. One of the first questions the insurance company will ask about filing a claim is if there were any witnesses present besides the drivers.  The insurance adjuster will want to […]

Driving with a Hangover Could be as Dangerous as Drunk Driving

  Two studies by researchers from Utrecht University in the Netherlands and University of the West of England in the UK presented a series of driving tests that mimicked highway driving. The individuals had an average of 10 alcoholic drinks the night before. The subjects did not have any alcohol present in their blood but […]

The Dangers of Tired Drivers

  One of the most dangerous drivers on the road isn’t the aggressive driver or even the distracted driver. One of the most dangerous drivers on the road is the tired driver. About 17% of road fatalities have been attributed to a tired driver, but little is done to keep people aware of the dangers […]

How Much Will My Insurance Rate Go Up After An Accident?

The consequences of getting into even a minor accident are more than just a few bumps and bruises and a dent or two. The consequences of getting into an at-fault car accident can affect your insurance as well. One of the first things someone asks when they are filing a claim with their insurance company […]

Volkswagen Ad Campaign Shows Effects of Texting & Driving

As personal injury attorneys, we protect the rights of those that have been wrongfully injured. At the same time it is our professional goal to educate the community and prevent these senseless acts from occurring again. One of the greatest frustrations that we have as personal injury attorneys is seeing so many new cases of […]

What to do During a Recall

Date: July 31, 2014 Name: What to do During a Recall Vehicle recalls are at an all time high. Last year, nearly 22 million vehicles were flagged for recalls. Based on that figure, you might have been one of those people affected by a vehicle recall notice. That can be a major concern, not just […]