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The Discovery Process

Long before a trial is ever held, both sides have the right to “discovery.” In Oregon state court, this centers on depositions and requests for discovery. Let’s take them one at a time. Depositions are like recorded, official interviews. In a deposition, the lawyer can ask questions of opposing parties and witnesses, and they have… read more

Estate and Personal Representative in Wrongful Death


When a person dies, and leaves behind anything that is worth money, the law creates an “estate.” If John Doe dies, then it will be called “The Estate of John Doe.” For example, you may sometimes see “Estate Sales,” where the possessions of someone who has passed away are being sold. What has happened, legally,… read more

Why Pursue A Wrongful Death Claim?


Before discussing wrongful death laws, let us focus for a minute on the propriety of bringing a wrongful death lawsuit in the first place. There are some who think it’s wrong to accept money because someone died. We understand that accepting money due to the death of a loved one can seem wrong. But when… read more