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Personal Injury Client Interview Questions

If you are considering filing a personal injury claim, then you are no doubt considering speaking with a variety of different personal injury attorneys who could possibly represent you in your claim.  There are several things that you can expect from speaking with a personal injury attorney, including being asked a variety of questions about your claim that you should be prepared for.

The first time you speak with someone at a law firm will likely be by phone or at an initial consultation.  It is best to make these calls and set up these appointments as soon as possible after your accident or injury.  When you finally do speak with someone regarding your claim, there will be a variety of personal injury client interview questions that you will be asked in the beginning.  What follows are some of the top questions asked by attorneys in these interviews and they are questions that you should do your best to formulate solid answers to.

  1. When did the accident occur exactly?  The attorney you are speaking with is going to want to know exactly when the accident happened.  This will help them to start developing a timeline and to determine if any statute of limitations has passed.
  2. How did the accident happen?  Who was involved?  Whose fault do you claim that it was?  What were the exact series of events that led to the injury or damages?  Knowing the answers to these questions will set the stage for determining fault and liability.
  3. Where did the accident happen?  Do your best to determine the exact location of your accident.  This will help your attorney to determine the appropriate venue for any legal action.
  4. What injuries were sustained due to the accident?  Make sure to be thorough in detailing your exact injuries to the attorney when you speak with them.  Be sure to include all injuries, especially those that may have made themselves apparent after the accident.
  5. What witnesses can attest to the injury event?  After any accident, whether it is a car accident or a workplace accident, you will want to ensure that you know every witness to the event.  This should be done immediately if possible, or as soon as you or a representative for you can gather credible information from these witnesses.  You should know who they are, what they saw, and what their contact information is.
  6. Where have you been treated for your injuries?  This last one is a very important one.  If you have not yet seen a physician or medical professional, then you may not have much luck in making a personal injury claim as there will be serious doubt cast upon any claims that you make.  See a doctor immediately after any accident, and make sure to take down the names of the doctors and the hospitals or facilities in which they work.  This information should be provided to an attorney who can then speak with them to determine the extent of any damages.