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Year: 2013

Lobbyists Hard At Work Helping Insurance Companies Rob You Blind

I am so sick of insurance companies getting away with screwing consumers! It’s happening again, right now. House Bill 3160 passed the Oregon House, but is being held up in the Oregon Senate by the forty-seven(!!!) lobbyists that are bending your Senators’ ears. (ORS 646.605 – 646.656) makes it illegal for businesses to use “unconscionable… read more

ACLU vs. NSA: Protecting Rights to Privacy

Everyone’s talking about Edward Snowden’s recent revelations of the extent to which the NSA has been tracking U.S. citizens. If you haven’t heard (where have you been?), Edward Snowden is a former National Security Administration contractor who, after leaving the NSA with classified surveillance information, has been leaking said information to show Americans how the… read more