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Three Teens Injured in Rollover Crash

Date: May 19, 2010
Location: Highway 240 near Dundee, Oregon
Names: Jacob Sperl, Rachel Sperl, Ravyn Sperl

Three young siblings from Forest Grove, Oregon, were injured around 4 PM, May 19, 2010, in a single-car rollover crash on Highway 240 near Dundee.

According to NewbergGraphic.com, the driver, Jacob Sperl, 16, lost control while trying to execute a downhill curve. The car veered off the road, rolled over and hit a tree.

Jacob Sperl and the passengers in the car, Rachel Sperl, 13, and Ravyn Sperl, 14, sustained minor injuries. Ravyn Sperl was flown to Legacy Emanuel Medical Center in Portland. The others were taken by ambulance to Providence Newberg Medical Center. All three were treated and released.

Any car crash in Oregon can be devastating, but we are especially concerned when we hear of one involving children or teenagers. We are grateful that these three young people are still alive, and their injuries appear to be minor. We send our wishes to Jacob, Rachel, and Ravyn, as well as the entire Sperl family.

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