Teen Driving Laws Getting Tougher

The days of the double date or those of eight teens piling into the car for a quick trip to the Dairy Queen are being legislated out of existence by state legislatures. Strict limits are being placed on the number of teens that can occupy a car at any given time, and the police and […]

Traumatic Brain Injury Symptoms Can Persist for Years

We’ve all heard the expression that’s used when a football player takes a blow to the head and appears shaken up on the field. Commentators virtually make light of the situation by saying, “He got his bell rung,” which gives the definite impression that if the player goes to the sidelines for a few plays, […]

Oregon Skateboarding Laws: The Basics

Skateboarding was once considered a fad, a momentary craze; something that would fade out as fast as cork-soled clogs and the beehive hairdo. It would now seem, however, that skateboarding is here to stay.  It is heavily featured in extreme sports competitions worldwide, and in Oregon, moving around on a thin wooden board with four […]

Prevent Underage Drinking and Driving in Oregon

Without a doubt, drunk driving is a problem in Oregon, along with the rest of the country. And when you combine alcohol and motor vehicles, and then add an underage driver into the mix, you’ve got a real recipe for disaster. Now, the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) is looking for ways to prevent underage […]

Pool Drownings of Children Still a Serious Problem for Parents

Pool Drownings of Children Still a Serious Problem for Parents

Summer is here at last, and as the temperatures rise, more and more Oregonians take to the great outdoors for fresh air, sunshine (whenever it shows up) and some exercise. Unfortunately, the season that brings longer daylight hours and warmer weather also reminds us all too frequently and in the worst possible way that pool […]

Oregon Gunfire Deaths Outnumber Accident Deaths

Oregon Gunfire Deaths Outnumber Accident Deaths

Think of the ten states where you would expect more people to be killed by gunfire than in motor vehicle accidents. If you’re thinking places like New York, California, Florida or Illinois, you wouldn’t even have one of the top 10 in your list. It might surprise a lot of people, but Oregon and Washington […]

Summer Injury Prevention Tips for Parents

After the long, dark, cold winter months and the stuttering promises made by spring, summer seems finally to have arrived, much to the delight of the vast majority of people. Yet summer also brings extra dangers, and Portland child injury attorneys are offering some good advice on how to prevent some of the more common […]

Teens Don’t Speak Up About Distracted Drivers

People who have been injured by drivers who were talking or texting on their cell phones when the collision occurred are becoming increasingly common in the offices of Portland distracted driving accident lawyers. If information just released about teens and a distracted driving study are indications of what’s to come in the years ahead, a […]