Thefts on Portland Transportation Increasing

Portland metro attorneys have warned people this week that thefts on TriMet buses and trains has increased by no less than 65 percent since 2006, even though the number of people using the service has only gone up by five percent in the same period. And they’re pretty sure they know the reasons why. TriMet […]

New Bill Could Make Buses Safer, According to Oregon Accident Attorney

With gas prices spiraling ever higher, people are continually looking for less expensive ways to travel, but an Oregon accident attorney has spoken out on the dangers of using some discount bus lines. Now, the U.S. Senate has passed legislation which address safety deficiencies in these companies. Senator Charles Schumer’s bill, recently passed by the […]

Public Transportation Lawyers Note Big Increase in Number of Trips

Our Portland public transportation injury lawyers believe there may be a distinct correlation between the rising price of gasoline and the increased reliance on public transport; not a bad thing provided the public are given adequate protection from injury when using public transport services. The recently released American Public Transportation Association (APTA) report shows the […]

Gaston Accident Involving School Bus Results in Injuries

As parents, we can’t be around our kids all the time to make sure that they are safe. They probably wouldn’t like that anyway. We trust that school bus drivers will do everything possible to ensure our children are transported safety to and from school and other school-related events. But even the most experienced school […]

Airport Shuttle Bus Strikes and Kills Pedestrian in Oregon

Date: March 17, 2011 Location: Highway 34 Near Intersection with Highway 99W, Corvallis Names: Unidentified Pedestrian, Michael Stillman A male pedestrian was struck by a shuttle bus and died after being taken to an area hospital. On Thursday March 17 at about 4:25pm, Michael Stillman, age 54 of Albany, was driving a Hut Airport shuttle […]

Oregon Injury Lawyers Say: Get Unsafe Buses off the Road!

Date: December 8, 2009 This item comes from our “Better Late Than Never” file: The National Transportation Safety Board has called for procedures to remove unsafe buses from U.S. roads. According to the Chicago Tribune, the NTSB wants agencies to identify companies that operate substandard buses, take the buses out of service, and force the […]