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Fatal Accident In Lake County


Date: August 24, 2009 Location: U.S. 395, near Abert Lake Names: Lauren Julia Allison, Michael Todd Bymoen The Oregonian reports the death of an 18 year old woman after an accident that occurred near Abert Lake in Lake County this afternoon, August 24. The accident happened when driver Michael Todd Bymoen, 22, of Scottsdale, Arizona,… read more

Teens’ Death in Car Crash Pulls Ridgefield Community Together


Date: August 10, 2009 Location: U.S. 30, near Clatskanie Names: Richard Michael Araiza, Jason Cary Carter, Aja L. Gerrity, Ki Young Kim, Dustin Evan Leitzell, Amanda Williams The Oregonian reports a memorial and celebration of four teens who lost their lives in an accident that occurred earlier this month on U.S. 30. Hundreds of people… read more

Two Fatalities in Northwest Portland Collision


Date: August 20, 2009 Location: Northwest Portland, near Northwest 185th Avenue and Kaiser Road Names: Belinda Lopez, Thai Huong-Williams The Oregonian reports that a fatal car crash occurred in Northwest Portland this evening. An investigation into the crash has started, but what is readily apparent is that the collision occurred when Belinda Lopez, 47, of Washington… read more

Drunk Driving. Over the Limit. Under Arrest.

Kuik.com reports that this weekend starts “Drunk Driving. Over the limit. Under Arrest.”, an event organized by the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). In conjunction with the nation-wide effort, the Oregon Governors Advisory Committee on DUII, the Oregon State Police, the Oregon Association of Chiefs of Police, the Oregon State… read more

Fatal Auto Accident on Oregon 126 Leaves 4 Others Injured


Date: August 15, 2009 Location: Oregon 126 Names: Sarah Elizabeth Dain, Craig Q. Watkins, Michael Huber, Carolyn Huber The Oregonian reports the death of one woman and the injuries of four others in an accident that occurred Sunday morning, August 15th, 2009. The accident happened as driver Sarah Elizabeth Dain, 58, of Florence was traveling… read more

UPDATE: Driver in Bicyclist Dragging Incident Suspect

Date: August 16, 2009 Location: Northeast Portland Names: Kevin Stevenson, Kate Darnall The Oregonian reports that Portland police have new information regarding a bicycle injury dragging incident that occurred in Northeast Portland between bicyclist Kevin Stevenson and an unknown driver this Thursday, August 13th.

Cyclist Dragged 150 Feet in Road Rage Incident

Date: August 13, 2009 Location: Northeast Couch Street and Sandy Boulevard Names: Kevin Stevenson, Kate Darnell The Oregonian reported yesterday that a cyclist was seriously injured after being dragged 150 feet by an automobile driver. The details of the incident are still forming, with varying viewpoints of what happened, but the Oregonian reports that at approximately 1… read more

U.S. 30 Crash Kills Four Teens


Date: August 10, 2009 Location: U.S. 30, near Clatskanie Names: Aja L. Gerrity, Amanda Williams, Richard Michael Araiza, Jason Cary Carter, Dustin Evan Leitzell, Ki Young Kim Oregonlive.com reports the death of four teens Aja Gerrity, Amanda Williams, Richard Michael Araiza, Jason Cary Carter, and Dustin Evan Leitzell as seriously injured in an accident that occurred Monday, August 10.

Fatal Crash at SE Waybill Dr. & Orient Dr, Boring, OR


Names: Marco Antonio Guerrero, Austin Guerrero, Jeffrey Wayne Hunt Jr., Daniel Herrington, Melissa Kay Davis Location: SE Waybill Drive & Orient Drive, Boring, OR Date: August 8, 2009 Marco Antonio Guerrero was killed in a tragic fatal collision at about 9:40 p.m. yesterday, August 8, 2009, according to the Outlook Online.

Medford Man Dies in Single-Car Accident


Date: August 3, 2009 Location: Oregon 62, near Jackson County Name: Kristopher D. Carey Oregonlive.com reports the death of a man after an accident that happened Monday afternoon. The accident happened when driver Kristopher D. Carey, 20, of Medford attempted to turn off of Oregon 62, near northern Jackson County, onto federal Bureau of Land Management… read more