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Year: 2009

One Man Dead In Milo McIver State Park Crash


Date: August 1, 2009 Location: Milo McIver State Park Names: Katie Erin Warren, Chester Raimer Jr. Oregonlive.com reports the death of one man after an accident that occurred Saturday evening. The accident occurred around 8:30 pm, within Milo McIver State Park when driver Katie Erin Warren, 21, was driving through the park and drove her car off the… read more

Three Men Rescue One Woman After Accident


Date: July 31, 2009 Location: Interstate 5, milepost 230, near Eugene Names: Beatriz Mendoza Olvera, Jay Burris, Paul Peterson, Jon Silbernagel Oregonlive.com reports an accident in which three men saved a driver from drowning after she drove her car into shallow water. The accident happened at approximately 7 AM when driver Beatriz Mendoza Olvera, 44, of Milwaukie… read more