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Using a Police Report for Your Personal Injury Claim

When you file a personal injury claim, it is important to have as much information as possible about the incident that led to the injury. When you are in an auto accident, or are injured due to a crime, there will be a police report generated regarding the incident. You are entitled to a copy of any police report in which you are mentioned and may request a copy at any time. Requesting a copy in Portland, Oregon is relatively simple (though there is a fee). You can find instruction on how to file a report, obtain a report, and all association information on the Portland Police Department’s website.

General Information


  • Materials – $10.00 per report of 5 pages. $2.00 for each additional page.
  • Labor – There will be a fee associated with time spent searching for a report whether or not there is a report available or accessible to the public. (minimum of $10.00)
  • Special – An officer’s notes are $8.50 and reports on individuals and addresses only are $5.00 per record

To avoid additional search fees:

  • Know the date of the incident
  • Give your name and date of birth
  • Know the location of the incident
  • Know the type of incident
  • Give the Vin number of the vehicle if applicable

A police report can help your case by giving evidence of:

  • Circumstances of the incident, including the time of day, date, specific location, and weather conditions at the time.
  • Preliminary assessment of fault, especially in motor vehicle accidents. For example, after a car accident, a police report may contain a responding officer’s observations as to which driver might have violated the state’s vehicle code, or whose carelessness may have caused the accident.

Obtaining a report can go a long way towards settling your personal injury case by providing information to present for the validity of your claim. Even if the report itself is not admissible in court your personal injury lawyer in Portland  will know how to use the information to your benefit.