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Two Fatalities in Northwest Portland Collision


Date: August 20, 2009
Location: Northwest Portland, near Northwest 185th Avenue and Kaiser Road
Names: Belinda Lopez, Thai Huong-Williams

The Oregonian reports that a fatal car crash occurred in Northwest Portland this evening.

An investigation into the crash has started, but what is readily apparent is that the collision occurred when Belinda Lopez, 47, of Washington county crossed the center line of Northwest 185th Avenue and Kaiser Road around 5:45 PM. She then collided into a 2003 minivan driven by Thai Hoang-Williams, 34, of Vancouver, causing the vehicle to drive into a nearby ditch. A team of good Samaritans pulled Huong-Williams from his vehicle, but the driver, along with Lopez were found dead at the scene. Investigators are looking into whether speed was a factor in the crash.

When our attentions are compromised on the road, even for a moment, accidents can happen, and lives can be lost. Our hearts go out to both the Lopez and Huong-Williams families. This unfortunate event will affect Thai and Belinda’s loved ones for time to come. Keep your positive thoughts with these families in their time of need.

Many people speed to get somewhere quicker.  What most drivers don’t consider is that shaving off a few minutes from their trip is not worth the risk of losing their life or another’s.

The Oregon Transportation Department of Safety reports that in 2008 alone, speed related accidents killed 216 Oregonians, that number far exceeds the amount of drunk-driving fatalities! Luckily, law enforcement treats speeding as seriously as driving under the influence, and those who get caught may lose their license or pay a steep fine. For those who even casually speed, consider the risks you are imposing on your mobility and well-being along with the safety of other pedestrians, cyclists and drivers. It’s not worth it.

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