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Two Brothers Crash in Head-On Collision


Date: July 13, 2010
Location: Highway 35 near Hood River, Oregon
Names: Rosario Ester Harvey, Westun Harvey, John Arthur Harvey II

In a bizarre twist, two drivers involved in a fatal crash turned out to be brothers. The July 13, 2010 collision critically injured one driver, killed his wife, and sent the other driver to the hospital.

The crash occurred on July 13, 2010, around 7:10 PM, on Highway 35 near Hood River, Oregon. According to an OSP press release, a tow truck driven by John Arthur Harvey II, 25, of Mt. Hood, crashed head-on into a car driven by Westun Lee Harvey, 20, of Hood River. Oregon State Police discovered that the two men were brothers.

Westun Harvey’s wife and passenger, Rosario Ester Harvey, 28, of Hood River, was pronounced dead at the scene. Westun Harvey was airlifted to OHSU with critical injuries. John Harvey was taken to Providence Hood River Memorial Hospital for an evaluation of possible injuries.

John Harvey was driving a tow truck registered to Harvey’s Texaco, Inc.

John Harvey and Rosario Harvey were using safety restraints. It is not known if Westun Harvey was using safety restraints, but the car’s airbag deployed.

OSP troopers from The Dalles Area Command office are continuing to investigate. They will not release any new information until the investigation is complete and the District Attorney’s office gives approval.

This Oregon car crash is especially tragic, with the unusual occurrence of two brothers being involved, but most of all because of Rosario’s death, leaving family members to wonder why. We send our most sincere condolences to the Harvey family. We hope Westun recovers quickly from his injuries, and we hope John was not injured. We send our thoughts to all of you.

Any time someone is killed or injured in an accident, it is tragic. Some will assume these two brothers were playing “chicken.” But no one, not even the police, knows exactly what happened, and Harvey’s family begs the public not to assume anything, writing on OregonLive.com:

“Our family is hurting in the aftermath of this accident. No matter the cause, it was an accident and a shocking one at that… Please leave it alone, and if you must say something, say a prayer for Westun, he has a long road to recovery. And say a prayer for the family, the grief is hard to deal with. Rosario will be missed so much.”

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