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Experts: Portland Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer

With traumatic brain injuries and subsequent traumatic brain injury cases on the rise in Oregon as well as in the United States as a whole, the Portland traumatic brain injury lawyer may just be one of the most in-demand specialty lawyers in the nation.  The truth is that traumatic brain injury has become known as the new “silent epidemic.”  It is known as a silent epidemic by many in the legal and scientific communities because, often times, these kinds of traumatic brain injuries go unnoticed, untreated, and undiagnosed for many years.

Take for example the extremely high-profile NFL traumatic brain injury/concussion litigation that has hit the news hard in recent years.  This litigation is known specifically as the National Football League Players’ Concussion Injury Litigation, and is said to rival that of the litigation involving “Big Tobacco” that was so huge and prominent in the 1990s.  What the former NFL players involved in this litigation claim is the NFL was not forthright with the health risks and dangers that came along with the repetitive concussions that so many players experience during the course of their long NFL careers.

This litigation is unprecedented in the larger sports community; however, the issue on the table is made even more serious by the deaths that many believe to be associated with these injuries.  Several former NFL players have in fact committed suicide and it is a question to be answered in the lawsuit whether or not the injuries that they suffered during their football careers contributed to their weakened mental states later in life.

According to the CDC; though, traumatic brain injury is a “serious public health problem in the United States,” and it is not just one that is affecting specific pockets of the population, such as those individuals who are involved in professional sports but everybody.  People from all walks of life are experiencing the symptoms of traumatic brain injury, including memory loss, diminished mental capacities, and personality changes.  It is an even sadder fact that many of the people who have acquired these injuries at some point during their lifetime have been left with fairly disabling injuries and no recourse to hold those responsible for the injury accountable.

That is really where a Portland traumatic brain injury lawyer can be of assistance.  If you feel that you or a loved one have become the victim of a traumatic brain injury, which can be defined as an injury to the brain caused by trauma, neurotoxins, anoxia, or vascular disorder, then these professionals can help you.

In more recent years, the need for the kinds of experience that a Portland traumatic brain injury lawyer can provide has become apparent, especially considering all the new available research on the topic that has become available.  These lawyers can provide more effective representation because they have a basic understanding of how these injuries happen, how physicians diagnose them and how they treat them, in addition to how the injuries can have long-term effects on survivors.