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The Myth of “Cashing In”

oregon-wrongful-death-laws-smYou should be aware that insurance companies have been engaging in a well-financed advertising campaign for over 30 years to try to convince the general public that injury lawsuits and wrongful death lawsuits are simply about greedy people trying to “cash in” on a tragedy. They do this because it saves them millions of dollars. Every person who decides not to bring a claim because they feel bad about doing it saves an insurance company money.

We have never met a person whose loved one has died unnecessarily who was thinking primarily about money. Everyone has been worried, scared, hurt, unsure of what to do, worried about making a mistake. No one has come to us talking about “cashing in,” or anything remotely like that. But be aware that the insurance companies’ advertising campaign has affected an entire generation, and some of your friends have probably bought their story. You may have even bought it yourself.

Just know, in your heart, that you are the only person who knows your true reasons for bringing a lawsuit – or not bringing one. Nobody else knows, no matter how much they may think they do. So if you decide to bring a lawsuit, be aware that there are societal stigmas you may face. It’s up to you to decide whether the pursuit of justice, or your family’s financial situation, are going to be well-served by pursuing a wrongful death claim. Don’t let the insurance companies’ campaign make your decision for you.

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