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“Superman” Demonstrates Hope for Hit-and-Run Victims

Rob Summers is an example of inspiration and hope to all hit-and-run victims who have found themselves inflicted with a tragic and debilitating injury. Rob was a Portland Oregon baseball star. His life was on track towards success in an exciting career until the day his dreams were shattered by an anonymous driver. The driver hit Rob while he was standing in his driveway and then fled the scene never to be found.

Rob sustained significant damage to his spinal cord and became paralyzed from the chest down. The doctors told Rob he would never walk again, but they underestimated a man nicknamed “Superman” by his teammates. According to ABC News, Rob can not only stand on his own but has also taken a first step.

Rob Summer’s amazing recovery took equal parts tenacity and drive along with a new procedure. The procedure that allows him to walk is not FDA approved yet, and is currently in human trials. Rob received an implant that delivers electricity to his spine to wake up the damaged nerves. He is walking through the use of his own nerve impulses. He required physical therapy after the surgery, but what began three years ago with a will to walk has ended with first a toe wiggle and then a step earlier this month.

This inspirational story shows what appropriate support to an injured hit-and-run victim can accomplish. Rob received help from the Christopher and Diana Reeve Foundation. Help from charities is an important step in recovery for hit-and-run victims who often do not have the option of an insurance settlement because they have no one to make a claim against.

As Portland pedestrian accident lawyers, we unfortunately have seen the devastation and catastrophic injuries that can result from a motorist’s negligent actions. Motivational stories such as Rob’s and other people like him are true examples of inspiration and hope for not only the injured but also to us all. Be safe everyone!