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Super Bowl Sunday Can Be Fun AND Safe

Super Bowl Sunday is fast approaching and to publicize the danger that alcohol has on a person physically, Oregon law enforcement are partnering with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to publicize the dangers of drunk driving.

The Insurance Information Institute has found that Super Bowl Sunday is traditionally the second deadliest alcohol-related traffic accident day of the year. New Year’s Eve is #1.

To help kickoff Oregon’s intensified traffic enforcement activities during Super Bowl Weekend February 1-2 and in support of the national “Fans Don’t Let Fans Drive Drunk” campaign, the following organizations are partnering to keep our roads safe: Oregon Governor’s Advisory Committee on DUII, Oregon Dept. of Public Safety Standards and Training (DPSST), Oregon State Police, Portland Police, etc. 

Drivers aren’t the only ones who need to watch their drinking on Super Bowl Sunday. Whether you are hosting a party at home or a commercial event at your place of business, you should be aware of Oregon’s laws concerning liability.

When a drunk driver causes an injury accident in Oregon, there is the possibility of suing the person or bar who served the alcohol. This must be done correctly, and quickly. There are strict time limits for filing a lawsuit in Oregon, and where alcohol is involved, the limits get even stricter. A Dram Shop Notice must be received by the server within 180 days of the incident, pursuant to ORS 47.565.

We hope you enjoy the game on Super Bowl Sunday. But if you plan to drink that day, here are some tips so that you can wake up the day after safe and sound:

  • Have someone agree to be your designated driver before you start drinking, and leave your car keys at home
  • Don’t drink too much too fast. Pace yourself and fill up on food and snacks too. It wouldn’t hurt to take a drink of water at least every hour.
  • At the beginning of the 4th Quarter, turn the alcohol off. Switch to soda or iced tea.
  • Before Super Bowl Sunday, program a cab company’s phone number into your cell phone.

And if you are with someone who has had too much to drink, don’t laugh it off. Call them a cab or get a non-drinker to drive them home. You could save a life just by doing that.