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Risks of Motorcycle Riding


Motorcycle riding can be much riskier than riding in a car.Motorcycles are smaller and lighter than cars and the riders are much more exposed. Motorcycle accidents have a higher rate of injury and death than car accidents.

Some of the main risks of motorcycle riding are:

Less visibility to cars: Motorcycles can be easily hidden by other objects since they are smaller than cars, which makes it harder to see them. Intersections can be easy for cars to overlook a motorcycle.

Road hazards: Debris, uneven road surfaces, small objects or wet pavement can cause motorcycles to crash more easily than cars.

No barrier between rider and road: Bikers are not protected by a metal container that makes up a car and they do not have seat belts or airbags. Wearing a helmet offers some protection but when motorcyclists do not wear a helmet, they are much more likely die than those who do.

Less stability: Vehicles with two wheels are much less stable during emergency braking and swerving. A lot of motorcycle accidents are caused by front wheel “wobble” that can occur at high speeds.

Skill level and difficulty: Riding a motorcycle is challenging and unskilled riders are much more likely to get into an accident. It is important to have a proper license and training before operating a motorcycle.

High-risk behavior: Lighter, powerful and sporty motorcycles can encourage speeding, fast accelerating and other high-risk behaviors.

Motorcyclists can understand these risks and help take the steps to lower their chances of getting into an accident. We encourage all motorcyclist to always wear a helmet to protect against more serious injuries or death.