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Recent Portland Injury Case Settlements

These are real stories about our Portland personal injury clients. All names of individuals have been changed to protect the innocent and the guilty alike. But names of insurance companies are real, and the details of what happened have not been changed.

1) R.N. was stopped at a red light in Milwaukie, Oregon when she was rear-ended hard enough to send her car into the car in front of her. She suffered strain to her back, neck, and shoulders. Eventually, an MRI revealed a torn rotator cuff and R.N. required shoulder surgery to recover. Despite previous injuries that the insurance adjuster claimed caused her shoulder problems, our settlement showed that her injuries were in fact caused by the accident and the bad driver. With the help of car accident attorney Sean DuBois, she settled both her adverse insurance claim (the claim with the insurance company for the driver who hit her) and her UIM claim (the claim with her own insurance company) for policy limits, making the total of her settlement $100,000.

2) T.D. was also rear-ended. The crash totaled her car and left her with serious pain in her shoulders, neck, and hip. After extensive chiropractic treatment, and an MRI, she was correctly diagnosed and able to receive treatment. The insurance company paid to replace her car and for all her medical expenses, plus pain and suffering – but only after being threatened with a lawsuit and trial. This case settled for a confidential amount.

3) H.S. was driving in North Portland when a woman took an illegal left turn in front of her, causing our client to T-bone the other car. H.S. was severely injured, especially her hands which had problems with tingling and numbness for months. She also received burns on her arms from the airbag deploying. This case settled for the policy limits.

4) N.M was a passenger in a friend’s car when another vehicle cut across several lanes, hit several cars, and ended up on the sidewalk. Both N.M and her friend needed to be taken to the ER in cervical collars, and N.M later required physical therapy and home exercises to improve her neck pain. This case settled for a confidential amount.