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Rear-End Accident Victim Finds Representation

This is a real story about one of our real clients. All names of individuals have been changed to protect the innocent and the guilty alike. But names of insurance companies are real, and the details of what happened have not been changed.

Back in November, our client “Peter” was driving on I-5 South, near Milwaukie Oregon when he was rear-ended. He had slowed down to stop for traffic, but the person behind him did not stop and hit him hard.

Rear-ended at about 30mph, his car was totaled. The other car smashed in his car almost to the back seats. At the ER later that week, he was diagnosed with whiplash after his accident. But ongoing headaches started to worry him as they prevented his participation in sports as well as interfered with his work and classes. To start combating the neck and back pain, he started seeing a chiropractor as well.

USAA offered our client a few thousand dollars for his car, but it was not enough to cover the damages and therefore Peter knew he needed an attorney.

After finishing finals, Peter was able to spend time researching Portland car accident lawyers. After speaking with Joshua Shulman’s assistant and meeting with Joshua for a free consultation, Peter decided to hire DuBois Law Group to represent him in his rear-end accident case.