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Real Clients: Rear-end Accident and Driver Hit By Taxi Cab

These are real stories about our real auto accident clients. All names of individuals have been changed to protect the innocent and the guilty alike. But names of insurance companies are real, and the details of what happened have not been changed.

Cases we have recently accepted:

L.F. was driving in SE Portland when the car in front of her stopped for a pedestrian. Like any good driver, she stopped and waited. Unfortunately, the car behind her did not wait and rear-ended her – the hit was so hard that her car was pushed into the car in front of her. The accident left her sore all over, and her head was aching. She had tightness in her leg, shoulder, back, and neck – so much so that she was not able to participate in her normal activities and volunteer work. After over a year of trying to deal with adjusters herself, she hired Joshua Shulman to represent her with the goal of getting a fair settlement.

J.J. was driving in N. Portland when a Broadway cab ran a red light and T-boned his car. With about $4000 in damage, he was not able to drive home so a friend had to take him to the ER. The crash dislocated his shoulder and did a lot of soft tissue damage. Now, the shoulder may need surgery and DuBois Law Group is working with J.J. to make sure all his medical bills are covered. In addition, Broadway Cab should be responsible for the pain and suffering of J.J. because their drivers’ negligence interfered with his work and other interests.