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Real Rear-End Accident Attorneys Settlements


The Portland rear-end accident attorneys at DuBois Law Group have been working hard make sure our clients get fair settlements after their accidents. Here are some recent settlements we’ve achieved:

  1. J.E. was rear-ended when she stopped to let a bicyclist cross at an intersection. With over $10,000 in damage done to her car, and serious injuries, she asked an attorney she trusted in another practice area for a referral. Despite previous health conditions complicating her case, J.E. was able to achieve a satisfactory settlement with the help of our Portland rear-end accident attorneys.
  2. M.D. and C.D. were rear-ended, and seriously injured, at the beginning of 2010. M.D. had nerve damage, and C.D. had a torn disk in his back but the insurance company only offered them a combined $38,000. With the help of our Portland rear-end accident attorneys, they received a settlement of over $52,000.
  3. R.K. was walking into a local hospital when a driver approached the valet booth and pinned R.K. between two cars. When one of the cars was moved, R.K. fell. He required surgery, two weeks in the ICU, and extensive rehabilitation. This case settled for $100,000.
  4. S.A. was driving through an intersection when another driver ran a red light. S.A., eight months pregnant at the time, was horrified to discover that the crash affected the position of her baby. After extensive emotional and physical treatment, this case settled for $100,000.
  5. D.W., who is legally blind, was crossing an intersection and holding his white cane when a driver turned and hit him. The impact broke his ankle and dislocated his shoulder, an injury that later required surgery and six months of physical therapy.
  6. B.B. was visiting family in Oregon when their car was rear-ended on Hwy 26. Because she lives in California, she had a hard time dealing with insurance adjusters and communications in Portland, so she hired our Portland rear-end accident attorneys for representation.