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Real Personal Injury Cases We’ve Accepted Recently

These are real stories about our real auto accident clients. All names of individuals have been changed to protect the innocent and the guilty alike. But names of insurance companies are real, and the details of what happened have not been changed.

Here are the short details of some of the personal injury cases we’ve recently accepted to represent:

  1. J.C. was riding his motorcycle when a driver took an illegal U-turn and T-boned him. J.C. was taken by ambulance to the ER, and diagnosed with several broken bones in his leg and foot. After hearing from his doctor that he would be unable to work for at least 3 months due to the leg injury, J.C. decided to seek help from an attorneys’ office. Luckily, he contacted the Portland motorcycle accident attorneys at DuBois Law Group.
  2. O.M. was standing next to a parked car when a bicyclist came racing down a hill and hit her. The bicyclist kept going. She was tossed against the car, and then fell and hit her head against the pavement, fracturing her skull in three places. Dealing with a brain injury, and not being able to work, she found the Portland brain injury attorneys of DuBois Law Group online and called. Now, we are working to use her insurance to cover her expenses from this bicycle hit and run.
  3. S.M. stopped for an emergency vehicle when he got rear-ended. The person who rear-ended him was going 35-40mph, so it was a very hard hit and a later visit to the ER revealed that he had broken his wrist. His wife, concerned that he wouldn’t be able to work, contacted DuBois Law Group and we sent out letters of representation right away.