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Our Real Clients’ Real Auto Accidents

These are real stories about our Portland personal injury clients. All names of individuals have been changed to protect the innocent and the guilty alike. But names of insurance companies are real, and the details of what happened have not been changed.

1)   “Adam” was walking by the Rose Quarter when a driver turned into the crosswalk and hit him. He was thrown to the ground, his leg shattered, and glass pieces covered his body. Eventually, he required surgery to put a metal rod in his leg because the multiple fractures had damaged the leg so badly. He also consulted a plastic surgeon because the glass from the car cut his face very deeply and the scarring would be severe. Having just moved to Portland to attend school, Adam was not sure about his legal rights and hired personal injury lawyer Sean DuBois for help.

2)   “Yolanda” was rear-ended twice in six months on I-205 N. Both times, traffic slowed and she slowed, only to be rear-ended by careless drivers. After the first accident, she was confident she could deal with the insurance company herself. After the second accident, which was a harder hit with more serious injuries, she decided to hire Portland lawyer Joshua Shulman for his expertise.

3)    “Shelby” was sitting in her son’s martial arts class watching the children practice when a distracted driver drove through the front window the building and into the bench where Shelby was seated. She was basically pushed to the ground under the car and sustained several injuries including: back pain, PTSD, and numbness in her hands. After getting a referral to DuBois Law Group from a friend, Shelby hired attorney Sean DuBois for his experience with auto accidents.