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Sign this Petition TODAY to Protect Consumers From Insurance Companies

Bills in the Oregon Senate can come up on a moment’s notice, and I just learned that a very important bill is up for a vote TODAY! I don’t even have time to really write about it in detail, but it is critical, so please check it out here  and then, if you are moved, you can sign this petition. If you are going to do it, do it right now though. They will likely vote on it this afternoon.

Oregon’s “Unlawful Trade Practices Act” prevents companies in Oregon from consumer abuse and fraud. But, amazingly, it does not apply to insurance companies. Why not? Who knows? I suppose they have amazing lobbyists, and lots of them. They have more than 50 working on this issue right now! But this bill, HB 3160, will make the law – which has applied to all other normal businesses in Oregon for decades – finally apply to insurance companies too.