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Portland Traffic Increased 6.3% Since Last Year

Traffic jam

Portland highways are reaching and practically exceeding capacity making traffic even worse.  Traffic has increased 6.3% just this year. That increase is twice the national average and it is just getting worse.

Each month the count of vehicles on the road increases and sets new records.

With the economy growing and more people moving to Oregon, it is making traffic and commuting much worse.

Traffic congestion is not only apparent during rush hour but it happens all day, on weekends, and even in areas that you wouldn’t normally think of as congested.

People are finding their commutes to work are taking more time than they used to, causing them to have to leave even earlier to head to work.

With more people on the road, the risk of getting into an accident increases. We encourage everyone to stay alert, slow down, and don’t use your cell phones. Just because traffic is increasing, doesn’t mean the rate of vehicle accidents needs to follow.