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How to Win Your Portland Personal Injury Claim

When you take the effort to hire a Portland personal injury attorney and file a personal injury claim, the goal is to win.  Winning means holding the responsible party accountable for their negligence, or for their actions that caused you harm.  It means receiving compensation for any damages you sustained, and injuries you may have suffered.  Some people don’t realize this simple truth, but it is their right to receive this compensation, it is their right to do everything that they can to bring the responsible party to some sort of justice.

Everyone wants to win, and the fact is that not all personal injury claims are won, or at least not won to the complete satisfaction of the claimant. This is due to a variety of reasons, but perhaps the biggest reason for this is that these claimants have not done everything that they possibly can to improve their chances of winning their claim.  While every personal injury claim is different and presents its own unique hurdles and challenges, there are certain things that can be done in order to improve your chances of seeing a positive result to your personal injury claim.

First Step – Get the Right Assistance!

There’s a big commercial campaign out there for a well-known cholesterol drug with the tagline, “You wouldn’t let your doctor do your job…why are you doing his?”  The commercials feature images such as doctors with lab coats playing the violin in a symphony, or doctors attempting to do construction work.  What the campaign is suggesting is that people shouldn’t take something as vital as their health into their own hands when there is a serious problem that needs medical attention.  The same idea holds true when it comes to serious legal issues.  Instead of attempting to handle a personal injury claim on your own, it’s important to seek the right kind of legal assistance in the form an attorney.

Second Step – Retain the Right Attorney

When looking for an attorney to represent you in your personal injury claim, it is vital that you not just hire any attorney.  Just as important as getting the right assistance is getting the right attorney.  In order to increase your chances of success with your claim, you will need a Portland personal injury attorney who has practical experience working with personal injury claims such as yours.  They will not only have an extensive amount of experience, but they should also have a positive case history when it comes to outcomes of claims they have worked on.

Third Step – Don’t Wait to Take Action

When it comes to a personal injury claim, the worst thing that you can do is to wait to start the claim.  There is a time limit to file these kinds of claims which means that if you wait too long, you could miss your opportunity.  This is called the statute of limitations.  As soon as you have been injured, seek medical assistance for your injuries and then start looking for an attorney immediately if you feel like your injuries were caused by another party’s actions.