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Our Portland Injury Compensation Lawyers Recent Settlements

The Portland injury compensation lawyers at DuBois Law Group have been working hard make sure our clients get fair settlements after their accidents. Here are some recent settlements we’ve achieved:

1)   M.T. was hit by a car while walking his bike across the street. He severely injured his hand (eventually requiring surgery), his back, and was unable to work. His case settled for $115,000.

2)   D.D. was driving on I-5 north when a car attempting to merge into the lane behind her rear-ended her. Because he was speeding up to merge, and looking behind him at oncoming cars, he did not see her before the crash. She eventually required disk replacement surgery, extensive physical therapy, and pain management. Her case settled for $98,000.

3)   Q.S. was driving in SE Portland when he was hit by car. The driver believed he was in a turning lane, which was incorrect, and after being forced up onto the curb, Q.S.’s car was totaled. He did physical therapy until, noticing a lack of progress, he had an MRI which showed damage to the disks and nerves in his back. This case settled for $45,000.

4)   L.N. was in her car on 205N when she stopped for traffic. Unfortunately, the car behind her did not slow in time and crashed into the back of her car. With over $1600 in property damage, and herniated disks in her back, L.N. hired our Portland injury compensation lawyers for help. This case settled for $150,000.

5)   V.A. was stopped on Boones-Ferry Rd. in Tualatin, OR when he was rear-ended. The other driver hit him so hard that his shoulder was dislocated and he received a posterior labrum tear that leaked and created cysts- requiring surgery. His case settled for almost $39,500.

6)   K.H. was at a party when she leaned against what she thought was a wall. Unfortunately, due to negligent design and building, the “wall” was actually a door to nothing – except a two-story drop onto a concrete floor. Sustaining permanent brain damage, K.H. required hospitalization, counseling, and intense cognitive therapy. Her case settled for $500,000.

Our Portland injury compensation lawyers are proud of these clients for their perseverance, and we wish to applaud all injury victims that push through their pain to pursue justice in personal injury claims.