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Oregon Truck Crashes are Complicated – Do You Need an Attorney?

An Oregon truck driver who crashed his truck after swerving to avoid hitting an animal in the roadway, unleashed 500 million bees onto Highway 97 near Madras last week. Fortunately, the truck driver was uninjured in the crash, but it took bee apprentices from the Central Oregon Beekeepers Association 12 hours to rescue the bees. Taken to nearby farms to be checked for injury, the bees have been safely transported to their original destination and the truck driver was cited for “failing to maintain a lane of travel.” While this truck accident resulted in no injuries (to any humans at least), most accidents involving trucks don’t end as well – as any Oregon truck crash attorney can attest to.

According to the US Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), rollover truck crashes are the third most injurious type of truck crashes in the US, with truck drivers often walking away from these rollovers unharmed as in the Madras crash. On the other hand, when a truck collides with a car, rarely do the occupants of the car walk away unharmed. Often resulting in catastrophic injuries, truck crashes that involve a collision between a car and truck are often financially, physically, and emotionally damaging to those injured in such a crash.  Consequently, if you have been injured in a truck accident in Oregon, consulting with an Oregon truck crash attorney could be highly beneficial to your chances of obtaining a large enough insurance settlement or lawsuit award to cover the many expenses associated with that accident.

Truck Accident Insurance Claims and Lawsuits Can Be Complex

Reasons for consulting with a truck accident attorney in Portland in the aftermath of a truck accident are many. However, the most compelling reason to do so is that truck crash insurance claims are rarely simple, requiring the filing of claims with multiple insurance carriers or the filing of lawsuits against multiple parties. Just a sampling of the various parties that could be liable for damages and injuries after a truck accident includes:

  • Parties Involved in the Accident Itself. Parties might include the truck driver and other drivers who may have contributed to the truck crash.
  • Truck Manufacturers, Truck Retailers, and/or Truck Product Manufacturers. If some truck part is determined to have been defective and that defect contributed to the accident, you may be able to include these parties in a truck accident suit. For example, if the truck’s tires, engine parts or other components were defective at the time of the accident, you may be able to collect insurance monies or damages from the makers of the defective items.
  • Employers of the Truck Driver.  Semi-truck owners or a trucking company, while not present at the accident, can often be held potentially liable for the truck driver’s negligence. For instance, if the truck driver’s employer pressures drivers to violate trucking regulations by driving too many hours or cutting corners in some other way, the employer may be liable for punitive damages. An experienced Oregon truck crash attorney is your best resource for determining if a trucking company has liability for your injuries.
  • A Truck Maintenance or Repair Facility. If the truck accident was the result of faulty repairs or improper maintenance the company responsible for the repair or maintenance of the truck may be liable for damages as well.
  • Government Entities. If road safety was compromised due to the neglect of road repairs, neglect of warning signs, unsafe road construction practices, or other safety issues governed by a government entity, these entities may also be held accountable for your damages. Your Oregon truck crash attorney will have the resources to investigate the history and conditions of the site where your accident occurred to determine if any government entity should be a party to your suit.

Let DuBois Law Group Assist Your Truck Accident Injury Claim

Truck accidents by their very nature are serious. When potentially thousands of pounds of weight collide with a car, injuries are bound to happen. If you or a loved one has been injured in a truck accident in Oregon and you need the assistance of an experienced Oregon truck crash attorney, we invite you to contact our personal injury lawyers in Portland for a free consultation.