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Oregon Single Vehicle Rollover Results in Fatality


Location: Interstate 5 North of Rogue River
Name: Jessee D. Maurer

According to OregonLive, a Grants Pass man has died from injuries sustained in a single vehicle crash.

Oregon State Police report that on January 28 at about 3:06am, Jessee D. Maurer, age 29, was driving north in a GMC Yukon on Interstate 5 near milepost 47 when he lost control of his vehicle rolling over multiple times.

Maurer was transported to Three Rivers Hospital where he later died of his injuries. The police were investigating alcohol as a possible factor in the crash.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of Mr. Maurer, who are mourning his passing in this tragic crash. We hope that they will receive all of the support and help that they need during this extremely difficult time.

When a person tries to correct the wheel while driving, a car should skid, not roll over. It should be very difficult to make a car roll over. However, it’s an unfortunate truth that there are some models and makes of vehicles that roll over very easily. These makes and models are well known and there have been successful lawsuits against the companies who build, sell and profit from these vehicles. When a vehicle rolls over it may be entirely driver error or it may be partially driver error and partially poor design. The difference is that the driver error is to be expected. We all know that drivers sometimes make errors and sometimes a quick correction is necessary. A driver should be able to jerk the wheel, make a sudden maneuver around an obstacle or to correct a drift without the car flipping over and killing everyone inside it.

In addition to being more stable and less likely to roll over, a car should be designed so that if it does roll over, there is enough strength and stability in the roof that the people inside don’t get crushed. Whenever there’s a rollover crash like this one causing serious injury or even death it may be easy to blame the driver. But there is another very important factor. And that is the companies who are making this car who know very well that the car is dangerous but who do nothing to correct it because it would cut into their bottom line.

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