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Oregon Lawyers for Auto Accidents: Determining Liability

If you are someone who drives a lot, or is someone who allows others to drive your vehicle, then having a good attorney on standby can be useful. Oregon lawyers for auto accidents are relatively common for the simple fact that people can be careless when on the streets. In this article, we are going to show you how to determine whether or not you are liable for accidents involving your vehicle.

When Other People Drive Your Car

In some cases, you may be liable if someone is driving your vehicle and they are responsible for an accident. Oregon lawyers for auto accidents recommend that you don’t allow other people to do this unless you are sure that you’re covered under the law. Remember, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you don’t trust the person driving your vehicle. It simply means that you don’t trust the vehicles around them enough to trust them with your car.

When a Minor Drives Your Car

There are certain instances when a minor will be driving your vehicle. Oregon lawyers for auto accidents have several tips for dealing with a situation like this. For one, if you are dealing with a minor who is inexperienced, then you will most likely be liable for the damage caused during the accident. In some cases, a “family purpose” doctrine can be used to settle a dispute. This is when an entire family is using a vehicle, and therefore any of the family members who get into an accident with it can be liable.

When Should You Classify a Driver as “Reckless”?

When you lend your vehicle to someone, you need to be sure that they are good enough to drive it. Oregon lawyers for auto accidents have a few key tips that you can use to determine if someone is fit enough to drive your car:

  • Intoxication: Before lending your car to someone, make sure that they aren’t drunk. This will decrease the likelihood of them getting into an accident.
  • Minors: Never lend your vehicle to a minor who doesn’t have the proper licenses for driving a motorized vehicle.
  • Inexperience: Before lending out your vehicle, determine whether or not that individual has the experience to drive on public roads.

There are also other types of drivers you should be aware of. Oregon lawyers for auto accidents say that you should also be aware when elderly people drive your vehicle. Being older, they most likely don’t have the reaction skills that a younger writer would possess. Ill drivers should also be considered because driving sick can impair one’s ability to drive.


As you can see, there are ways to determine whether or not you’re liable after an accident involved with your vehicle. Oregon lawyers for auto accidents suggest that you don’t allow people who you don’t trust to drive your vehicles. The reason being is because any accident that they are involved in could leave you liable.