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Free Oregon Car Accident iPhone App from Portland Attorneys


Being involved in an Oregon car accident is a frightening experience; many victims find themselves frozen in panic and unable to perform the necessary actions to help keep themselves and their families safe. The ever-growing rise in hand-held technology has led some to turn to their smart phones to help assist them following their collision, but scattered tools and a lack of direction has left many drivers with inadequate information to help assist others as well as they could. The attorneys at DuBois Law Group have developed a high-tech iPhone mobile application, the Car Accident SideKick, that could save lives and turn a complicated process into something more manageable.


With a list of features that are as impressive as they are useful, the Car Accident SideKick has created quite a stir. This auto accident toolkit isn’t just useful in Oregon, but in fact can provide you the help you need anywhere in the United States. Listed on CNET.COM, AUTOCHANNEL.COM, TELETRADER.COM, OC WEEKLY and OC METRO, this iPhone application has proven to have national appeal.

The Car Accident SideKick Features

Features of The Car Accident SideKick include:

  • A step-by-step accident tip checklist
  • Instant access to emergency services
  • Easy completion of accident report forms with on-the-scene photo and audio recording capabilities
  • One-touch insurance claim filing
  • Built-in emergency tools
  • Speed dial for helpful services like taxis, 911, lawyers, and tow trucks

DuBois Law Group, in association with the American Lawyer Academy, have worked together to make sure that you will regain control following your collision. Getting the help you need after a serious Oregon car accident can mean more than ensuring your physical safety. It is not uncommon for someone who was involved in an auto accident that was not their fault to be blamed for the incident and not get the compensation that they are entitled to. Not only does the Car Accident SideKick provide you the emergency functions that you need to keep you safe, but they ensure your future safety with a “Best Attorney” locator function. With a national database of experienced car accident lawyers who offer free consultations, you can rest assured that you will get the compensation that you deserve.

Oregon Car Accident Attorneys
Finding the best Oregon personal injury lawyer can be a pain, but it doesn’t have to be. The attorneys at DuBois Law Group have the experience and success rate to help you following a serious collision. If you are looking for an experienced attorney, or you simply want more information, contact an experienced DuBois Law Group Portland car accident lawyer today for a free professional evaluation of your case.