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Motorcycle Safety Tips for Riding in the Rain


Bad weather riding can be more complex and dangerous than other conditions.  Some motorcycle riders find it enjoyable and rewarding riding in the rain but some may not actively seek out that kind of fun.  The key to riding in the rain is three highly variable factors: traction, visibility and comfort.


No matter what type of tires you have the best way to deal with wet roads is to slow down.  A lower speed will allow you a better braking distance and reduces your lean angle in turns.  Make sure to stay upright so your weight is applied perpendicular to the road to increase the amount of traction available to you.  Avoid making sudden turns and unnecessary swerves.  Watch out for standing water to avoid hydroplaning.  Look for gravel and dirt on the roadways during rainy days and reduce your speed on turns.


If visibility is absolutely terrible then your safest option is to get off the road safely and wait it out.  One of the most common visibility problems is a fogged faceshield and/or glasses.  If this is a common problem with your helmet, consider various anti-fog solutions or leaving your faceshield slightly open until you’re moving.  Keep a good distance behind other vehicles to avoid wheel spray, which can make it harder to see the road.


Outfit yourself with the right rain gear that fits properly and is in good shape.  Being cold can be a huge distraction while riding and can cause hypothermia, which dulls the senses and slows your reaction time.  Find the right combination of rain gear and warm gear for the most comfortable riding experience.

Properly managing these three factors allows you to concentrate on the road and enjoy the experience of riding.