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The Most Common Car Crash Injuries Lawyers See in Portland


Oregon car crashes are all too common, and those accidents are caused by an almost endless number of factors, to vehicles of all shapes and sizes, carrying people of every age, sex, race and religion. And oftentimes after one of these accidents, it’s necessary to call on the services of a Portland car accident lawyer, to deal with the insurance companies and sort through the complicated and confusing jungle of the crash investigation, liabilities, and all those factors that lead to the accidents.

Bizarrely, the most common injuries to do with Oregon cars are those that do not involve anyone else.

common car crash injuries for car crash lawyers in Portland

The most common car-related injuries take place when the car isn’t moving. They include:
• Closing your hand in the car door
• Burning your hand on a radiator or receiving an electric shock
• Strain injuries from loading or unloading a vehicle, or trying to push an immobilized vehicle
• A vehicle or vehicle part falling while the vehicle is on a jack

Where a Portland car crash lawyer will be required, however, is when one of the three most common car crash injuries occurs because of someone else’s actions or negligence. They include whiplash, head trauma, and spinal cord injuries.

People who have been injured in a car crash often think the accident was a relatively minor one. An experienced Portland car crash lawyer will tell you that whiplash injuries generally don’t manifest themselves for anything up to 24 hours after the collision. Yet whiplash is the most common car crash injury there is, and an immediate medical exam after an accident is advisable.

Symptoms of whiplash include:
• Neck pain and stiffness
• Pain in the shoulders or between the shoulder blades
• Headaches
• Lower back pain
• Numbness or pain in the arms and hands
• Dizziness, ringing in the ears, blurred vision
• Difficulty concentrating, irritability and problems with sleep

If you experience any of these symptoms after an accident, you should contact a good Portland car crash lawyer immediately.
Head trauma is another potentially very serious and all-too-common car crash injury. Again, symptoms may not become obvious for some time, as internal damage will not be immediately obvious after an accident, but anyone suffering head trauma should seek immediate medical attention and observation. Head trauma can lead to serious and permanent complications, and in some cases, death.

Symptoms to watch out for include:
• Dizziness
• Headaches
• Blurred vision
• Slurred speech
• Inability to sleep
• Swelling around the skull

In fact, symptoms vary widely from person to person, but if you think you might have received a blow to the head in a car crash, once you’ve received medical treatment, consult a good Portland car crash lawyer who can help you through ongoing treatment and recovery.

The third, and perhaps most frightening of the common car crash injuries are those that affect the spinal cord. These injuries fall into two distinct categories, complete and incomplete. As the name suggests, complete spinal cord injuries mean the injured party can no longer feel or move any part of their body below the point in their spinal cord that sustained the damage.
This kind of tragic accident is life changing and will require extensive and prolonged medical treatment, as well as ongoing care. Incomplete spinal cord injuries can lead to chronic pain around the area of the spine that was injured and other symptoms, like difficulty breathing.

With any spinal injury, immediate medical attention is critical. And if you have been in a car crash in Oregon involving any of the injuries mentioned above, do consider consulting a competent Portland injury lawyer once you’ve received the medical treatment you need. A car crash attorney can take care of your injury claim while you focus on healing and recovery.