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Is Your Childs’ Car Seat Safe Enough?

For many new parents, the task of getting a car seat can be a bit intimidating. Every year, thousands of deaths and serious injuries are prevented by car seats, so it’s important to find the right one, based on the child’s age, size and vehicle type. For a quick idea of what seat a child should be in, review the below listing;

  • Infant to 2 years – Rear facing car seat
  • Preschoolers – Front facing seat with harness
  • School Aged up to 4’9”- Booster seat
  • Above 4’9” – Seatbelt

Also, keep in mind that new LATCH rules will take effect in 2014. This requires an anchor system for car seats either through using the vehicle’s seat belt, or appropriately installed latches. LATCH systems might be easier for parents, as most vehicles are equipped if they were made after 2002. These vehicles will have a latch attachment in the rear window, as well as one between the seat cushions. The car seat can then be latched securely onto the vehicle.

When in doubt, you should have your car seat checked over by a child passenger safety technician. If you go to the National CPS Certification webpage, you should be able to find one in your area.