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Increased Number of Drownings this Summer in OR & SW WA


This summer has seen a record number of drownings in the Oregon and Southwest Washington region with 9 so far.

All the deaths this year have been males and all but three were teenagers. The most recent one was at the Clackamas River when a 22-year-old drowned while swimming across the river.

The water in Oregon rivers and lakes is still quite cold and hypothermia can set in cold water within 30 minutes leading to lack of dexterity. No matter how good of a swimmer you may be, the current or temperatures can overcome anyone.

It is important to make sure your teens understand the importance of water safety and that wearing a life jacket could help save their life in case of an emergency. Teens and young adults many times think that nothing will happen to them but in reality, drowning accidents can happen to anyone.  Educating your teens about water safety, CPR, hypothermia and drowning is crucial to help minimize accidents.

Take a look at this interactive map of Oregon that shows where different drowning incidents have occurred since 2006.