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Halloween Safety Tips


Adorable trick or treaters in the doorway waiting for candy.

With all the trick-or-treaters walking around this evening, it is important to stay safe during the holiday.  Parents should make sure your kids understand how to be safe while trick-or-treating.  Always have an adult or teenage sibling accompany your children when trick-or-treating.  If your children are old enough to be out on their own, make sure you know the route before they head out.  Teach your children to not talk to strangers and how to call for help.  Trick-or-treat in neighborhoods that you know are safe and well lit.  Help your kids understand crosswalk safety and to watch for cars driving in neighborhoods.

For drivers on the road, make sure to keep a close eye for pedestrians tonight.  Keep your speed in check in neighborhoods to be aware of children out walking around. Always have your headlights on and obey all traffic signals, signs and crosswalks. For adults over 21, if you are planning on going to Halloween parties, make sure to have a designated driver or call a taxi if you have been drinking.

Keep these safety tips in mind tonight, and we hope you have a fun and safe Halloween!