Portland injury attorney

A Good Attorney Makes You Feel Like You Are the Only Client

The stress that comes from being involved in an accident is difficult enough without adding the stress of being able to find an efficient, professional, and trusted lawyer. It may be tempting to just pick a lawyer and run with it, but you may be doing yourself a disservice. Finding a lawyer that you feel comfortable with and trust can make the process of submitting a personal injury claim far less imposing. Interview a few attorneys until you find the right one to meet your personal as well as financial requirements.

There a few things to lookout for when you are considering an attorney:

  1. Check their credentials. An attorney who cares about continuing education, as well as membership in groups like the Oregon Trial Lawyers Association, is more likely to care about clients too.
  2. A good attorney will never pressure you into signing a contract. Rather, they will allow you to make an informed decision based on an initial interview and your specific needs.
  3. An ethical attorney will show you their Client Bill of Rights (example found here http://research.lawyers.com/clients-bill-of-rights.html. You do have rights as a client and they should be respected at all costs.

You should never have to feel stressed or confused when consulting an attorney after an accident. Remember, you are a valued client and your attorney should work diligently for you to not only win your case but to also increase your knowledge about your personal situation and the law. The Portland injury attorneys at Schulman and DuBois take fewer cases so you can receive this personal attention and truly understand a first-class client/attorney relationship.

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