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Front-End Car Accidents Often Result in Lower Body Injuries

While all auto accident victims are at risk for every kind of injury from whiplash to traumatic brain injury, front-end collisions have some common injuries that you don’t see in other types of accidents, particularly injuries to the lower body.

Some of the most common injuries sustained in front-end car accidents include:

  • Knee and Foot Injury. Being the first point of impact in a front-end crash, your feet and knees are subjected to injury from everything from a broken pinkie toe to a torn Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) when your knees hit the steering wheel or dashboard.’ Even a slight impact could result in discomfort (in the case of the broken pinkie toe) or surgery and months of therapy (a common repair for ACL injuries). A serious front-end collision can result in crushed legs, which may require extensive surgery, and possibly amputation of a leg or portion of a leg.
  • Leg and Hip Injury. Since the force of a front-end collision is directed toward the lower body, leg and hip injuries are common and could result in surgery, hip replacement, or both, a painful process with a long recuperation time.
  • Back/Spinal Cord injury. The severe impact of a head-on collision often results in the force of the crash traveling up the back and causing injury in the form of a herniated disk or permanent spinal injury.
  • Chest Injury. The physics of a front-end car collision would make it a reasonable assumption that if you are involved in such a crash, your ribcage and chest could easily be injured as a seatbelt restraint locks or by your body slamming into the steering wheel.
  • Cuts, Abrasions, and Bruises. A broken windshield or violently inflating airbag can result in multiple and serious cuts, abrasions, and bruises.

Oregon roadways are designed to avoid front-end crashes from occurring. Consequently, when a front-end collision does occur, odds are, that the accident is the result of significant negligence on the part of one or more of the drivers involved or poor road conditions, either of which may make an injured party eligible for compensation. Types of compensation that may be available to you should you be injured in a front-end collision include the cost of medical expenses, lost wages, loss of future earning potential, hospitalization expenses, therapy, and long-term care. Speak to a personal injury lawyer in Portland to learn more.

After A Serious Front-End Collision, Oregon Man Faces Charges in Utah and Arizona

This is an interesting example of a front-end collision. Earlier this week, KSL News reported the occurrence of a high-speed police chase involving a 2007 Honda CRV with Oregon plates that spanned two states and ended in what is believed to have been an intentional front-end collision with a Subaru. The chase began in Arizona when police stopped the driver of the Honda for a lane travel violation. After failing to stop when summoned to do so by Arizona Highway Patrol, the Honda driver proceeded to flee, obtaining speeds of up to 120 m.p.h.

The driver of the Honda was forced to slow down when he came upon spikes that the Utah Highway Patrol had placed across the highway to end the pursuit. ‘But, the spikes did not prevent the driver from swerving through a median guardrail into oncoming traffic.’ The driver of a Subaru faced with the possibility of a front-end collision with the Honda attempted to avoid collision by moving onto the shoulder of the road.’ Unfortunately, according to witnesses, the Honda driver did not even attempt to avoid hitting the Subaru, but appeared to swerve into it intentionally.

On impact, the Honda proceeded to roll several times with the driver being ejected from the vehicle. The Subaru remained upright on the shoulder of the highway. The driver of the Honda was taken to a Las Vegas medical center via helicopter with serious, but non-life threatening injuries; and the driver and passenger of the Subaru were taken by ambulance to a local hospital with minor injuries. Police are still baffled as to why the driver of the Honda fled, but did uncover an outstanding felony warrant from Oregon.’ As a result of this incident, the Honda driver faces charges in both Utah and Arizona.

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